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Dubrovnik and around Crotia

I went there many times therefor cant write only one travel experience. If you have a plan to go there in summer time you can do many things.

You can rent a car and visit Split, Zadar also Trieste in İtaly. Dubrovnik to Trieste only 600 km and use motorway. See most beatiful beaches and amazing holiday. Drive to Split and see around, you can stay there or same day go to Zadar. this is for summer trip to swim and pass time in some beaches. You can go to Ljubljana in Slovenia, only one hour to drive from Trieste. İf you have more time in your trip definitely drive to Zagrep as well. All way motarway dont worry to drive :)

Or also you can have cultur trip. Because other way raound to Dubrovnik goes to Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montengro. I cant say only one place or city in Montenegro. when you drive there you can undertand what I try to say. They have amazing view aroun Montenegro. Mostar way is not very good therefor dont drive there in the night. ( ı did :) but not good)

They have reallt funny border. If you drive Mostar to Dubrovnik. You have a passport contol when you leave Bosnia and join to Crotia. You think that you are driving in Crotia. I am nut sure for that becase after the contol in 20 min. later, you can see again Crotia border to passport control. It was 2 am. I looked aroun to understand what happened. I showed my passport in the border but I have again same border. Anyway, finaly I went to Dubrovnik and I looked the map again I saw Bosnia-Herzegovina has a city next to sea in Crotia border.....

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36 Hours in Paris !

You can do it :)

all seasons in one day

If you have a short time in Paris Amazing Paris view can be in your camera with long walk Of course, morning, noon or evening walk according to get you started the route changes, it's up to you.

Starting from Notre Dame for a walk. Look at the beauty of the scenery, visit the inside entering the queue immediately. Please note that the rear side through the Park, have a nice view there. You continue the road from Rue de l'amiral, turning to the side I rue de rivoli Street, Church Street, passing through (see lovers on the Seine River Bridge before, and they look very nice to note that locks) and a Museum from the edge of the wall of the Louvre Museum on the right. You can see beautiful shows or music on the square if it is correct time. Around Louvre Museum, Avenue de I ' operà Street. you will see on the right sleeve, Cafe De La Comedia. Take a coofee there, watching the Hall that surrounds you can feel yourself in Paris.

From here You walk towards the Opera.Bd des italiens Street. Paul is a famous Café next to the shopping centre by entering France croissant which you can get.Paul’ bread of scrumptious, don't neglect. If you continue BD montmarte street , you can find the Hard Rock on the right. After that coming The Sacre Couer . Walk around small street find nice place for yourself, watch view and get rest. Then jump straight to the Eiffel Tour by the subway.The weather will be almost instantly and both day and night lights-Kat to take pictures of. (And I would recommend you to look at the advance ticket going to much time otherwise hours)

You continue in the direction of the river to Opera House.3. When you cross the road you go directly to the Champs Elysees.Time to find a place to sit down and a nice drink. But the day's not over yet. Take subway again to Saint paul metro stop. Rue des Rosiers street, looking beautiful cute restaurants and famous fallafel from for lunch.everyone has advice L ad Du Fallafel.

Now it's time to go to the hotel to sleep 4-5 hours. Before leave to Paris last stop is in front of the Louvre Museum, through the rue rivoli Street, LES HALES. A quick look around some small shops. After a good meal in one of the reastaurant time to leave from Paris.

After the trip. Even if had some a little water and sweel under my feet, it was great to see Paris in 36 hours.

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Paris of East

sunny 32 °C

For east, My first visit to Beirut.If you have a prejudice about East you really get surprise.. Why is referred to as Paris of the East. Iy you don’t have much time, 3 days enough for this travel. Especially in the end of May and the month of June is the ideal time to visit.

One day, enjoy the pool and the sea, One day walk around downtow, One day see more place or sleep after night .

You can try almost everywhere tradional cuisine..But if you want to have a nice dinner I recommend the ' Buddha Bar’. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, you should go there after 11: 00 at night for a drink. After close the restaurant sound of music and laser shows.

Also you can go to bar street for mre drink . '' The Big '' bar cocktails very successful and every day they have happy hour between 18.00 and 21.00, 50% less pay.

On the road a lot, at first, be uncomfortable after you grow accustomed to army etsede and make you feel safe in the evening hours.

If you don’t want to use a taxi anytime for go to your hotel you should look around Hamra street. If you have time and have a kitvhrn in your room you can buy lots of tradional food from big markets and can cook…. It is really so cheap.

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